Swimming Pool Tile Beverly Hills CA

Pool TilesAt Mission Tile West, we can present you with an alternative to cement for your pool area: swimming pool tile Beverly Hills CA. Our showrooms are packed with examples of beautiful tile from our own factories, as well as from over 200 other manufacturers, so you know you can get the inspiration and materials you need from us. Tile suitable for your pool and patio might include:

  • Terra cotta tile
  • Hand-painted tile
  • Mexican pavers
  • Mosaic tile
  • Cement tile
  • Natural stone

The good thing about using terra cotta or stone tile around your pool is that these materials supply much-needed traction in a wet area. The natural hues of terra cotta or stone pair well with brightly colored decorative tiles, which can be sprinkled in among the pavers or nestled under the lip of your pool or hot tub.

Cement Pool Tile

Cement tile is another good choice for swimming pool tile Beverly Hills CA. This kind of tile has long been a traditional material in Mexico and in recent years it has been gaining popularity in stylish California homes and businesses. Cement tile is very versatile and can be used on the pool deck or as decorative accents. Best of all, the color in cement tile extends all the way through the tile rather than existing as a glazed layer on the top of the tile. This prevents chipping from having a big aesthetic impact on your design and improves the life of the tile.

Other Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Swimming pool tile Beverly Hills CA has many applications besides the pool. If you plan carefully, you can use this same tile to create a unifying design in your whole yard. Designer tile can be used to cover an outdoor fireplace, decorate retaining walls, or even create an outdoor shower.