Irvine CA


The city of Irvine CA started out as a planned community created by the Irvine Company. Basically it is a collection of townships or villages, each of which has its own retail centers, churches, and schools. Six-lane roads separate the townships, which extend outward from the University of California Irvine campus in a shape similar to the two ends of necklace extending from a pendant. Irvine CA also has plenty of parks and green spaces, as well as an extensive network of bike trails. If you looked at the original plans for the city of Irvine CA, these elements would create a pattern that might almost look like tile. If you’re interested in bringing the beauty of tile and tile patterns to your home, you need to visit Mission Tile West. We have a huge selection of designer tile appropriate for indoor and outdoor use, and our design consultants will be happy to show you ways to incorporate this tile into your home or business design.