There Are Many Advantages to Ripping Up Your Carpet and Replacing it with Tile

There Are Many Advantages to Ripping Up Your Carpet and Replacing it with Tile

Carpet is bad for your health and the health of your family, it produces unwelcome germs, mildew, and other ugly particles, and it’s a headache to keep clean if you want it to appear nice. It is simpler to replace the carpet with hard surface flooring.

Replacements are expensive

For decades, wood, tile, bamboo, and even cork may outlive carpeted flooring. Carpet should be replaced on a much more regular basis. That’s not even taking into account having it professionally shampooed or thoroughly cleaned so that the carpet is almost as clean as the hard surface flooring.

Switching to tile or a comparable hard surface for all of your home’s floors is considerably more cost-effective. Get Mission Tile West to replace your carpet the next time it needs to be replaced.

Dust particles and skin cells

Carpet accumulates dust, skin cells, dust mites, food spills, and everything else you bring in on your shoes from outside. And it’s not like your carpet just collects a little bit of these particles. On the contrary, multiply the weight of your carpet by eight to determine how much skin and dust particles it can contain. Yes, that’s as revolting as it sounds.

Unwelcome bacteria lives in carpet

Vacuuming is a must when you have carpet. Every vacuum cleaner (even the high-profile, filtered vacuums) releases dust particles and germs into the air, which is unpleasant. Because you’re directly behind the vacuum, you’ll get hit with it. But it doesn’t stop there. Your vacuum is actually spraying microorganisms all around your house, not just on you. Have you ever cleaned while there was food nearby?

Carcinogens that can kill you

It’s a little-known truth that most carpet manufacturers use a combination of ingredients, some of which include volatile organic compounds and other carcinogens. Having carpet in your house increases your chance of developing mild symptoms like coughs, tiredness, and headaches, as well as more serious ailments like severe respiratory issues and even cancer.

Mold or unseen fungus

Many homes include carpeted sections, such as near entryways, laundry rooms, and even restrooms. All of these places, on the other hand, face the danger of moisture seeping into the carpeted area. After it’s too late, steam cleaning won’t fix the problem. If there is a buildup of moisture, mold will form. A costly clean-up will necessitate the use of a professional, or the item will need to be replaced entirely.

If you’re going to send someone out, you may as well have someone from Mission Tile West come out and solve the problem once and for all. They’ll replace your carpeted areas with bespoke, handmade hard tile flooring that’s simple to clean and maintain.

Allergies are reduced

You may wake up allergy-free if you get rid of the carpet in every room, especially the one where you sleep. If you have a stuffy nose in the morning, a lot of drainage, or other allergies that won’t go away, cleaning your bedroom of carpet and keeping the whole area cleaned may be enough to get rid of the worst of it.

To discuss the transition, call Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595. Get rid of the carpet and replace it with tile for a cleaner, more elegant look.