Three Reasons to Choose Mission Tile West for All Your Tile Needs

Three Reasons to Choose Mission Tile West for All Your Tile Needs

When you have a need for new tiles then you have a need to work with Mission Tile West – it is that simple. While we know we are the right choice for you, we know that you may not realize that yet. Keep on reading to find out the three reasons we are the best in the business and then feel free to stop by or give us a call at 626-799-4595 with any questions.

We Are Proud to Be a Family-Owned Company

At Mission Tile West we could not be prouder of our past. We are a family-owned and operated company that started back in 1984 and today is one of the leading companies in the entire tile industry. It all started with John and Dina Adamson, along with their song Thano, who started selling Mexican tiles that had been handmade by Thano’s Uncle Tony. We continued to grow and then Thano’s sister came on as a creative designer in the late 1990s. We today have two different factories, three showcases, and work with more than 200 tile manufacturers.

  1. We Offer the Best Products on the Market
  2. It does not matter what type of tile you are looking for, whether stone, glass, terra cotta, or one-of-a-kind ceramic, you can count on finding it at one or more of our three locations. You will discover we carry a wide range of styles from many manufacturers, and that we have numerous styles and designs we have developed ourselves. When you talk to our staff, you will discover that they are extremely knowledgeable about the products we offer and can help you find the right option for your needs.

  3. We Have In-House Designers to Help You
  4. At Mission Tile West we always have in-house designers on our team to ensure that you have all the help you need in creating the dream project you have been thinking of. Whether you have the idea perfectly in mind and just need help turning it into a reality, or you have no idea where to start and need help finding the right stepping stones, we are here to help.

    Our in-house designers are experienced in all types of personal styles, modern and contemporary options, as well as historical styles. We love finding the unique combinations of materials, colors, and styles that truly make your home your own.

  5. We Offer Exceptional Customer Service
  6. We know everyone says it but we mean it: Customer service is essential to our business plan. We believe that every customer who walks through our doors should get the best possible service and we are here to help ensure you do. We work with contractors who are very experienced in the business to homeowners who have never bought tiles in their lives.

No matter your tile needs, you can count on Mission Tile West to offer the best possible options. Call us now or stop by one of our three locations to see our unique options.