Are Tile Countertops Back in Style?

Many homeowners are embracing tile countertops with no risk of a dated look.

Are Tile Countertops Back in Style?For a number of years, tile countertops were one of those design elements that just made you think “1950s.” There was a marked shift away from tile countertops in the kitchen and in the bath, and for many years everyone wanted stone countertops—or at least materials that mimicked the look of stone.

However, more recently tile countertops have begun enjoying a bit of a revival, especially in the kitchen. Turns out, tile countertops could be a great choice if you’re looking for an easy DIY countertop update or if you just want more options and interest than your average natural or imitation stone countertop can provide.

Benefits of a Tile Countertop

Some of the top benefits of a tile countertop for the kitchen or bath include:

Budget-Friendly: Tile is a very affordable countertop material, especially considering how long it can last if treated with reasonable care. With some tile options suitable for countertops coming in at less than $10 per square foot, tile won’t hurt your wallet. And because it’s possible for the DIY crowd to pickup their own tile from the store and lay their own countertop, you save on installation costs too. The only tricky part is laying the special border tiles at the edges of the counter or around undermount sinks.

Cook-Friendly: Tile is a very forgiving surface that can withstand a lot of abuse in the kitchen. It is heat-resistant so you never have to worry about finding a trivet for hot pots and pans, and kitchen tile is also impervious to stains that could ruin materials like marble.

Low Maintenance: Provided you use a non-staining, mildew-resistant grout and keep your grout in good condition, it doesn’t take much effort at all to keep tile countertops in good condition. All you have to do is wipe them down with a mild soap and a soft cloth, and you’re done. In the rare event that a tile does become chipped, it’s not hard to replace—just be sure you think ahead and keep some extra replacement tiles from your original order on hand for repairs.

Colorful: Stone countertops pretty much limit you to a palette of natural tones. Formica products come in a wider range of colors and patterns, but can look cheap. Tile provides an excellent alternative. The gloss of quality tile never looks cheap, and you can make your countertop any color you can imagine.

Tile Countertop Design Hints

If you’re considering a tile countertop, these hints might help you maximize the style benefits of your choice:

  • Using larger tiles, particularly on the edge of the counter, can make a small counter seem longer
  • Incorporating some tiles from your countertop into your backsplash can help tie the two areas together without forcing you to use the exact same tile for both surfaces
  • Hand-painted Talavera tile looks amazing in any home with Spanish or Mexican architectural flair
  • You can incorporate patterned tile into you counter without making it look too busy by using a solid color tile on the flat surface and a patterned tile on the edges.

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