Tile Floors: Learn About the Different Options for Your Home

Tile Floors: Learn About the Different Options for Your HomeIf you’ve been considering adding or replacing tile floors then Mission Tile West is glad you’re here. We offer a wide range of options, designs, and materials. Regardless of the decisions you make, there is one thing that will be the same among them all: Our total dedication to getting you the best possible product. Read on to learn more about the different flooring tiles to find out which may work best for your project.

Ceramic tiles

These are thin slabs of some type of inorganic material, often clay, that’s then hardened by being put through a firing process. It’s typically then glazed. Most people who like tile love it because it’s very durable. In fact, there are ceramic tiles intact in some ancient European ruins. It’s a particularly good choice for a kitchen or bathroom remodel because it doesn’t hold germs and it’s easy to clean.

Terrazzo tile

The traditional way to create terrazzo tile is to expose marble chips that are on the surface of concrete. The surface is than polished until it’s smooth. These days though, there are other options – like buying terrazzo already in tile form. The flooring in public buildings is often terrazzo because it’s durable and can be refinished over and over again. It’s also fairly slippery so it may not be the best choice if you have young children or elderly members living in your home.

Terra cotta tile

This is one of the oldest flooring materials in the world. In fact, it was used before the birth of Christ. Back then it was dried by the sun, but today it’s oven-fired. It can be glazed or unglazed. It will last forever but it can be hard to figure out how good the quality is. That’s why you should only buy it from a tile professional like those at Mission Tile West.

Engineered stone tile

Also known as agglomerate, this type of tile combines bits of marble and other types of rocks into a base of epoxy. There are a nearly endless number of designs and colors available. This is a man-made stone and as a result it can be made in very specific measurements. The main drawback to this option is that it does require quite a bit of maintenance. It can also chip and dull faster than other types of tile – this is why it’s generally cheaper than other options.

Let us help you find the perfect tiles for your project

If you want to find tile flooring that will take your breath away, then you want to work with Mission Tile West. We offer some truly unique designs as well as classic favorites. Whether you want your project to be sophisticated or whimsical, we have something that can help you.

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