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Tile is the Perfect Flooring Option for Your Family Bathroom: Learn More About Your Options

Tile is the Perfect Flooring Option for Your Family Bathroom: Learn More About Your Options Particularly if your entire family is sharing just one or two bathrooms, family bathrooms can truly suffer. You’re going to need protection from water and steam from all those hot baths and showers, in addition to the typical damage youngsters subject their environment to. Thankfully, tile flooring is the ideal answer.

On those few times when you manage to put away all the kids’ bath toys and novelty toothbrushes, it’s strong enough for your family while yet appearing gorgeous enough for a magazine spread. Consider the shortcomings of your other options to reinforce your suspicion that tile is the best flooring for your family bathroom. Then contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 to learn about our tile options.

Vinyl is not the great choice it might seem

At first glance, vinyl flooring may appear like the best option for a family bathroom. Considering that kids are likely to splash in the tub, drip at the sink, and drop wet towels on the floor, this flooring is known for being extremely resistant to mold, mildew, and moisture.

However, vinyl flooring has the tendency to curl up at the edges due to its thinness, which is an issue. This may be a major issue in the bathroom since these spaces would allow water to seep through the flooring and could lead to serious structural issues.

The problems with wood bathroom flooring

Wood can be a good option for a bathroom if it is well sealed and the boards are fitted snugly with no holes where water can seep through. Wood requires a lot of maintenance, though. Spills need to be cleaned up very once, and humidity levels in steamy bathrooms need to be kept under control to keep the floor from warping.

Carpet is a poor choice for a bathroom

It goes without saying that choosing carpet for a bathroom is quite uncommon because it is just not possible to have a floor covering that is completely impervious to water. When homeowners do decide to install carpet in the bathroom, it is usually a very inexpensive material that is spread loosely over another flooring to facilitate removal.

The fact that a bathroom rug feels so good underfoot on a chilly morning is evident, but tile floors don’t necessarily have to be chilly. If desired, radiant heating can be installed beneath a tile floor to provide the comfort of carpet in a more moisture-resistant fabric.

Why use tile in the family bathroom?

You should be quite certain that you want to utilize tile for the flooring in your family bathroom now that you’ve learned a little bit about why other flooring options don’t work well in a bathroom for families. With so many bathroom floor tile alternatives available at Mission Tile West, you can get the ideal combination of advantages.

Tile offers total defense against water damage, is simple to maintain, and its durability makes it cost-effective

At Mission Tile West we have a huge selection of hues, materials, and patterns to match any aesthetic. If you’re worried that tile will be too slippery for your children, just choose a tiny tile size so that the numerous grout lines will provide extra traction. Seamless integration with wall and tub tile to connect the entire area together.

Visit our showroom as soon as possible if you need assistance choosing the ideal tile for your family bathroom. You can also contact Mission Tile West at 626-799-4595 with any questions.