Timeless Trends in Kitchen Design

You can’t go wrong by incorporating clean, white tile in your kitchen.

Timeless Trends in Kitchen DesignMany trends for the kitchen have come and gone, but a few classic design elements seem poised to stand the test of time forever. If you want to maximize the lasting value and appeal of your kitchen remodel, consider using kitchen tile to support the look of a clean, white kitchen that’s been valued by American homeowners for nearly 100 years.


First and foremost, a kitchen has to be clean to be appealing. Tile is an excellent material for the kitchen precisely because it is so easy to clean. Tile won’t become damaged by exposure to acids in certain foods, stained by splashes of spaghetti sauce, or compromised by contact with water. This makes tile a natural choice for kitchen flooring and for kitchen backsplashes to protect the walls behind sinks and stovetops. Be sure to invest in non-staining epoxy tile grout to help ensure that your tile continues to look clean and lovely for years to come.

White Kitchen

Kitchen colors will come and go (think harvest gold and avocado green) but white simply refuses to go out of style. White cabinets and white appliances continue to be the top choices for consumers, and white walls and white flooring help to continue the theme. Why do we love white so much? Experts say that as the brightest color, white represents happiness, innocence, and purity. It also reinforces the look of a clean kitchen, and helps brighten small or dark kitchens.

This is not to say that the kitchen has to be totally, unrelentingly white. Black and white is consistently popular as well, and white can serve as a neutral background for just about any color accent pieces you want to include. Your color accents might be something as simple as brightly colored dishes in your glass-front cabinets, or something more permanent like colorful accent tiles in your backsplash.

When incorporating white tile into your kitchen design, you have many excellent choices for using this classic, neutral tone in a way that will be far from bland or boring. For example, you can use white glass tile for added sparkle and light, or add a new twist to classic white subway tile with a beveled design that adds texture. You can also experiment with different tile layout patterns as well as colorful liners and trim tiles to add a pop of color to your white kitchen.