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Using Tile in Your Bathroom Remodel? 10 Things to Consider First

Using Tile in Your Bathroom Remodel? 10 Things to Consider First

There’s a long list of reasons to use tile in your bathroom remodel, from the fact that it’s both moisture and stain resistant to the fact that it’s hygienic – not to mention the thousands of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes available in bathroom tile. That said, there are some factors you should consider when you’re using it.

Read on to get the best general tips from Mission Tile West and then contact us at 626-799-4595 for more information. We are happy to discuss your unique needs and the ways we can meet those needs.

  1. Take your time when choosing tile

  2. Choosing the right tile can take time. Remember that it will have a huge impact on the look of your bathroom and the success of the remodeling project overall. We are happy to go over all your options and give your our expert advice on which would look best for your particular needs.

  3. The tile must be installed on a background that’s water resistant

  4. Some people are afraid to install tile in the bathroom because they’ve heard horror stories about tile failing. We have a lot of experience with tile and we are here to tell you that if tile fails in a bathroom it’s because it wasn’t installed on a water-resistant background. Install it only on cement or another water-resistant backing or it can be susceptible to the wet elements in bathrooms.

  5. Express yourself

  6. If you’ve always wanted a simple, classic white bathroom then that’s what you should have, but if you’ve always dreamed of a bold, bright, unique bathroom, then you should get that too. Most bathrooms are rather small but they can handle a lot of personality.

  7. Using the right adhesive is a must

  8. Just like the tile must be installed on a water-resistant background, the right adhesive must be used. Skimping on cheaper adhesives can significantly reduce the lifespan of your tile.

  9. Tile can be used for specific purposes within your bathroom

  10. If there’s a problem area in your bathroom, find a way to use tiles to your advantage. For example, if your bathroom is smaller than you’d like, using large tiles can help make it look bigger. If your bathroom seems dark and depressing, glass tiles can help make it brighter.

  11. Keep the return on investment in mind

  12. Installing tiles in a bathroom can increase the value of your home. Keep that in mind as you consider the quality and type of tiles you want to work with.

  13. We recommend slip-resistant for flooring tiles

  14. If you’re going to install tiles on the floor in your bathroom, it’s a good idea to choose slip resistant options. Reach out to Mission Tile West to learn more about those options.

  15. Consider heated floors

  16. People who don’t want tile floors often say it’s because tile floors are so cold. You may combat this with heated floors or wisely placed rugs to warm the place up.

  17. Installation is key

  18. If you’re experienced in home improvement projects then you may install tile yourself. If not, then we recommend you work with an experienced tile dealer who can do it right the first time.

  19. Be ready for a tile investment

  20. If you do decide to install the tile yourself, keep in mind that it generally takes about three times as long for a homeowner to install it compared to the pros. This is due to not having the right equipment and a lack of experience.