Why Buy Designer Tile from Mission Tile West

4 reasons to shop with Mission Tile West for your next tile project

Why Buy Designer Tile from Mission Tile WestAre you planning a tile project? Whether you are remodeling an existing property or sourcing tile for a brand new home or business, Mission Tile West is your go-to source for high-quality designer tile. Here’s why.

Ample Selection

At Mission Tile West, we have an ample selection of designer tile from over 200 manufacturers. We carry only high-quality ceramic, glass, cement and terra cotta tiles, many examples of which are on display in our three showcase locations. Whether it is most convenient for you to visit us in South Pasadena, Santa Monica, or Costa Mesa, you will find plenty of designer tile options on display in configurations that will inspire you for your next tile project.

Expert Service

Mission Tile West has a long history of exceptional service in the tile business, starting back in 1984 when we began selling handmade Mexican tile created by our family. Over the years our staff has developed considerable expertise that our customers can leverage when planning a tile project. We can assist with the selection of the right designer tile for your project, both with respect to the colors and patterns as well as the tile body. We strive to help each customer meet their specific and unique goals with personal attention and exemplary customer service.

Special Expertise in Historic Tile

While we have plenty of designer tile options for every style from traditional to contemporary, we have special expertise in historic styles. We actually have our own lines of historic tile which we produce at our own tile factories. Due to our attention to detail in design and production of historic tile, our tile is an excellent choice whether you need to restore a historic home with period-appropriate tile from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s, or just want to create a vintage look.

Custom Tile Options

Because we do have our own tile factories, we are able to offer customized versions of our in-house designer tile. For most styles, you can have your choice of tile body (red or white clay) as well as pick your glaze colors from a wide selection of glossy and matte glazes. We will work closely with you to create the exact look you want for your custom designer tile.

Ready to Shop?

If you’re ready to start shopping for designer tile, please do not hesitate to come visit us. Whether you are still in the browsing and brainstorming stages or know exactly what you want, our staff is happy to help.