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Why Tile is Better than Wallpaper

Don’t settle for an imitation—use real tiles from Mission Tile West to decorate your walls

Why Tile is Better than WallpaperLately, a lot of DIY type interior design sites have been recommending using specialty wallpaper to create the look of wall tile. While this may provide a passable imitation of the look you want, you’re actually much better off investing in the real deal by buying wall tile from Mission Tile West.

Here are 5 reasons why wall tile is better than wallpaper:

Endless Design Options

The first reason to opt for real wall tile instead of a wallpaper lookalike is that you simply have more choices. In fact, your choices are virtually limitless when you consider the possibility of commissioning some custom wall tiles for your project from our factory.

No Peeling or Staining

Another very important benefit of wall tile is that it is extremely durable and easy to care for. Unlike a wallpaper “tile” that is simply glued to the wall (typically using a self-adhesive backing) and can easily begin to sag or peel, properly installed grouted wall tile will stay in place perfectly for decades. Because tile is non-porous it is also impervious to stains or water damage, which is excellent news because two of the main places you are likely to want wall tile—namely the kitchen backsplash and the bathroom walls—are likely to get wet.

Realistic Texture

While there are a few types of wallpaper tile products that offer a textured look, ultimately anything that is not real tile is going to look fake. This is true whether you considering a wallpaper that is painted to look like it has depth or one that actually is embossed to mimic tile and grout lines.

Matching Trim Available

If you are looking to add a backsplash or to cover a portion of a wall, you may run into the quandary of how to cap off your design. If using a wallpaper, you certainly wouldn’t want to just let the design end abruptly halfway up the wall. Not only would this leave a vulnerable edge that could tear; it would just look odd. One solution would be to add a piece of wood trim to cap it off. With wall tile, you don’t have to mess with mixing and matching wood trim to finish off the top or side of a tiled area. Instead, you can simply use matching trim tiles or edge tiles expressly designed for this purpose. These tiles are glazed on all sides that show for a sophisticated, finished look.

Better Long Term Value

The final reason that wall tile is better than wallpaper is that although your initial costs will be higher, you will be getting a better long term value. The tile will of course last much longer, and it will also provide a more classic look that will appeal to more people, which is very important for your property’s resale value.

Ready to Shop for Wall Tile?

If you would like to browse wall tile in person, please drop by our showroom soon. We’ll be happy to help with your project.